October, 2014 -- AfterFab - The Beatles Solo Years just finished a great first year of giggin. The solo-Beatles concept seems to be a hit, and much bigger and better to come. Also was excited to perform with Miranda Warning (second reunion since we broke up twenty years ago) as part of the month-long Pipeline at 25 Presents 50 Years of Boston Rock festival, on night #2 at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, along with legendary local rockers Stranglehold, The Turbines, Eric Martin, The Dogmatics, and Baby's Arm. Other former label-mates Permafrost/Miles Dethmuffen and Evol Twin performed on other nights. Jumprope could've done it, but one member is currently residing in Singapore! Who knows, maybe we'll do another show sometime.

December, 2013 -- Been spending all my time on my brainchild, AfterFab, acting out my lifelong love for The Beatles. Amazingly hard work. Our video came out really, really well, and the bookings are piling up quick! Do have a look, please.

March, 2013 -- Crisis Actors has decided to release music as a series of EPs. Not sure yet if they'll be physical or just digital. I delivered the finished audio to Rob, so now it's up to him to put a release together if and when he so chooses! Stay tuned. And, yes, I'm still working on that tribute-band thing, and found it's surprisingly challenging to find truly compatible musicians for something like this, but it's working so far.

September, 2012 -- Got my profile up at Fandalism.

August, 2012 -- Made a little more progress on the Crisis Actors album with Rob Galgano.

June, 2012 -- Surprisingly, started a tribute band, to be unveiled next year.

May, 2012 -- Reviews updated.

March, 2012 -- Jumprope video footage unearthed after nearly twelve years in hiding!

February, 2012 -- Check out my first video cover-song experiment, a quick rendition of one of 1994's best indiepop singles, Hey Hey Girl by Rocketship.

November, 2011 -- A new recording project is shaping up. It's Crisis Actors, a collaborative effort with Rob Galgano and his outstandingly clever songs, with Tom Evans drumming on a few tracks. This project has been on the back burner for ages but will see fruition in 2012. We have a crack team of "production assistants" helping us with the song choices, sequence, and ideas to make it a sure-fire fun record.

October, 2011 -- New: The Ad Boc Jango Airplay station is racking up new fans every week. So is Jumprope's.

October, 2011 -- New Ad Boc Facebook artist page, which has a store widget and more.

September, 2011 -- Beginners Only Songs is shipping to radio at the beginning of next month. Promotion by Powderfinger Promotions.

June, 2011 -- Recording on my second (almost) solo album is nearly done. Beginners Only Songs features Paul Cerqua, bassist from that very band whose name is reflected in the album title. These are my earliest songs, and it's fantastic to be able to update and finally record them for release.

April, 2011 -- New video of Jumprope on YouTube for one of my tunes, Gingerbread.

March, 2011 -- Pop Supraliminal has just shipped to radio and can now be requested at a friendly US/Canada radio station near you.

January, 2011 -- The long-awaited release of The Lost Album by my last band, Jumprope, is here! Jumprope on iTunes.

December, 2010 -- In the true DIY spirit, check out my homemade music video on YouTube.

November, 2010 -- My first solo album, Pop Supraliminal, is released.

October, 2010 -- Got an Ad Boc MySpace page up and running.


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