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Ad Boc Second Album Is Out
Hello Again Friends! I know it's been less than a year, but my second album is all ready, shipped to radio last week, and available for consumption. "How come so quick?" you may ask.

See, while I was recording Pop Supraliminal last year, I thought maybe it would include a few of my earliest songs, from way back when I was in my first original band, Beginners Only. We played nearly a hundred shows together and had over two dozen original songs, but only a scant handful were studio-recorded, and only one ever saw a release. So, I actually started working out some of them then.

But then I thought how excellent it would be to have an album for just these songs. Even better, I got the brilliant idea to call up Paul Cerqua, the original bass player, and ask him to work on it with me. His playing and singing would really help capture much more of the original sound of the old band. Sure enough, Paul enthusiastically joined up, dusted off his bass, and proceeded to make this recording sound amazingly true to the original live renditions of the songs as we imagined them. Paul's production ideas also helped enormously to make this a far better record than I would have done alone.

The result is another truly indie-as-it-gets, do-it-yourself effort. It's a more guitar-heavy recording, informed by the music we were listening to at the time. Though I had the same basic pop sensibility then, it was the post-punk era, and aggressive guitars and high-energy were the things. So, there's a little less subtlety on this one, which some people like a lot. There is definitely a LOT more "guitar playing" on this record, too, for those who are into that kind of thing.

Please check out a free track, The Act, right here! This simple song was on the very first Beginners Only demo tape, recorded in one take on a cassette 4-track. We sent it out, and what a thrill it was to hear it on WFNX a couple of weeks later. That could never happen nowadays. If fact, they even have official sound-quality standards for their local-music show now. :)

Anyway, I hope you'll consider getting the CD or downloading a few tracks, priced especially for these, um, interesting economic conditions.

If you really like it, a fantastic help would be to submit a review on your favorite site, not to mention the ever-helpful tweety likey stuff. There are buttons for that kind of thing at the top of my newly redesigned but still primitive web site,

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