Ad Boc and Paul Cerqua
Beginners Only Songs
Crimson Spiral (USA) CD
  Ad Boc
Pop Supraliminal
Crimson Spiral (USA) CD
The Lost Album
Crimson Spiral (USA) CD
Holiday in Brazil
Mushroom Pillow (Spain) CD
Suitcase and Umbrella
Planting Seeds (USA) CD
Bookshelf Adventures
Reverse Curve (USA) CD
Flavour of Sound (Japan) CD
The Pensive E.P.
Motorway Records (Japan) 7" vinyl
No Happy Songs E.P.
Twee Kitten Records (USA) 7" vinyl
  Miranda Warning
Twelve Speed Pop Blender
Presto! (USA) CD, CA
Boss Tuneage (UK) CD
Miranda Warning
Your Life Is Excellent Now
Presto! Records (USA) CD, LP
Miranda Warning
It's All Part of Growing Up
Presto! Records (USA) LP, CA
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