Here's a sampling of reviews of Ad's output

  • Austin Daze: Pop Supraliminal – A little Beatle-esque with a mighty punch of three minute pop tracks that come and go with a blast, this album is fun and irreverent. Hooky tunes and the whole mismash that includes a nation filled with pop is what this group embraces. Worth a pop for 15 lively tracks.
  • The Big Takeover #69: Pop Supraliminal – Possibly a throwback to the days when pop music was catchy and fun and created without Auto-Tune ... Beatles melodics ... a laid-back Dead Milkmen meeting Zumpano kind of attitude ...
  • The Noise (Issue #318, Feb 2012): Ad Boc - Pop Supraliminal - ... That classic sound, like some Tommy moments, you know? ... I think the thing that I ultimately respect about the album is that it’s a one-man show. I’ve done a bit of this myself and I have friends who have as well. It takes a certain type to pull it off: some folks think they’re succeeding with the one-person creative production gig, but the percentage is in favor of the maleficents. Those who can do it know it, and that’s what I like so much about Ad Boc: his insistence to get the idea as a whole is so effective that you find yourself digging musical stylistic tendencies you wouldn’t have imagined. (Mike Loce)
  • Dagger: Ad Boc POP SUPRALIMINAL - (CRIMSON SPIRAL) - Those who followed the indie pop scene in the 1990’s will remember a Boston-based band called Jumprope (he was in Miranda Warning, too). Well Ad Boc was the leader of that band and apparently for this record to come to light he had to whittle through 230 songs (??!!) and chose the 15 best (and though I just got this recently , it is a 2010 release) . Like the best Jumprope songs the beat is peppy, the vocals yearning and the melodies are sprightly (big Beatles influence, for sure). A few of my faves on here include the bouncy “Her ID Number”, the beat-heavy “She May Want to See You”, the grittier “Guru Like You” and the jangly, Byrdsy “So Cool So Cruel.” Glad to see Ad back in the saddle (to steal a reference from another Boston band, Aerosmith, one who Ad Boc sounds nothing like).
  • The Noise (Issue #321, May 2012): Ad Boc and Paul Cerqua - Beginners Only Songs - ... some of these songs are far from mere beginner fumblings. “The Act” features those Sus4 chords so beloved by the Who; “I Don’t Have to Fight” interpolates a rousing march rhythm as an irresistable hook. Also of interest is the staggered pomp of “We and the Gov’t”; the lovely, wispy, repetitive “When It Strikes,” and the epic chundering meander of “Does It Matter.” The songwriters’ instincts are sharp, and even though the songs are not immortal classics, they are indisputably good; many are even memorable. The songs remind me, in the best possible way, of the ethereal but vital work of LA psyche-pop band the Three O’Clock, back when they were known as the Salvation Army. (Francis DiMenno)
  • CMJ Chart Top 30 - Connecticut University
    1 ZOLA JESUS Conatus Sacred Bones
    2 JOHN WESLEY HARDING The Sound Of His Own Voice
    3 M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming Mute
    4 DONORA Boyfriends, Girlfriends Rostrum
    5 MR. GNOME Madness In Miniature El Marko
    26 AD BOC Beginners Only Songs Crimson Spiral
    27 TOM WAITS Bad As Me Anti
    28 JC BROOKS AND THE UPTOWN SOUND Want More Bloodshot
    29 TALLAHASSEE Jealous Hands Self-Released
    30 GRINGO STAR Count Yer Lucky Stars Gigantic

with Jumprope:

  • Splendid: "You will play this disc over and over again and love it like family."
  • Vividzine: "Did I gush enough last time I heard Jumprope, hmm? ...melodiously jangly
    guitars (think Sarah Records)...confident...well aware and unafraid to make pop."
  • CMJ: "two parts Cardigans, one part Velocity Girl... popalicious... delectable."
  • The Noise: "...true originals... There is not a single track on this CD that I wouldn't highly recommend... The vocal harmonies are a feast... a fun, infectious record..."
  • BigO: "Pop kids of the world unite! Jumprope ... exemplifies the brave new pop..."
  • PopScene: "music skips along at a consistently wonderful pace, occasionally stopping to hit
    the ground before the next terrific moonbound leap."
  • NoiseQueen: "pop heaven...the whole project is a goddess-send and I could use a lot more"
  • Cheeseball: "Love at first hear! sixties dreamy British modster jazzy flower child kind of love"
  • New England Music Archive: "What beautiful pop songs we have here... fresh and original."
  • Instant: "...great indiepop... major keys with minor key irresistible package."
  • Last Hug: "absolutely fantabulous...fresh, unabashed, orchestrated pop."
  • Dagger: "...hooks galore ...If you're a pop fan, you'll want this in your collection."
with Miranda Warning:
  • Melody Maker: "...splash, thrash pop... a splurge of storytale technicolor..."
  • Option: "bruised, melodic pop with guitars that jangle and burn interchangeably ...solid..."
  • Slam: "...well-crafted and engaging pop music with plenty of memorable hooks."
  • Musician: "...beatific guitars and searching lyrics...songwriting evokes remarkably well the
    early Jam... sweet and unswervingly to the point."
  • The Noise: " acute taste for songform ...compelling ...joyously sweeping ...high praise."
  • NY Review of Records: "A band with the ability to write such hooky tunes should be noticed."
  • East Coast Rocker: "... a tuneful triumph ... intricate, catchy ... offbeat"
  • New England Performer: "...absolutely solid... Each song has its own special hook..."
  • Pop Culture Press: "...crunchy morsels of guitar pop... rewarding listening."
  • WFNX's Juanita: "Ad Boc has mastered the perfect three minute powerpop song."
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