No Happy Songs E.P.
4-song 7" vinyl
June 1996
Twee Kitten Records, USA
The Pensive E.P.
4-song 7" vinyl
July 1997
Motorway Records, Japan
Bookshelf Adventures
15-song CD
October 1998
Reverse Curve Records, USA.
Flavour of Sound Records, Japan
Suitcase and Umbrella
13-song CD
February 2001
Planting Seeds Records, USA
Holiday In Brazil
13-song CD comp of tracks from each of our first 4 discs
June 2001
Mushroom Pillow Records, Spain
The Lost Album
16-song CD
January 2011
Crimson Spiral Records, USA
Compilation Records We're On
I've Got It Now
compilation cassette
January 1997
song: Memory
Shelflife Records, USA
New New No
compilation CD (3" size)
January 1997
song: Kites are Fun
Escalator Records, Japan
A Twist of Lime
compilation CD
February 1997
songs: Swimming with Nancy, Here Comes Mary Moon
Harry Lime Records, Sweden
> From The Bullpen
compilation CD
April 1997
song: Scarecrow
Hey Buddy Records, USA
Explorer Album
compilation CD
August 1997
song: Here Comes Mary Moon
free with Beikoku-Ongaku magazine, Japan
This Is Stereophonic Sunshine
compilation CD
May 1998
song: Interstellar Secrets from the Cellar (non-album version)
Sandcastle Records, USA
compilation CD
November 1998
song: Kites are Fun
Entropy Press, USA
I Made It Out Of Clay: A Hannukah Pop Compilation
compilation CD
November 1999
song: Hannukah in Brazil
Little Shirley Beans Records, USA
Just For A Day
compilation CD
August 2000
song: Follow Me
Just For A Day Records, USA
Captain Circus!
compilation CD
October 2000
songs: Grandpa's Lament, Where to Go (non-album versions)
Chocolat Art Returns Records, Japan
Through The Looking Glass: Indie Pop Plays The Monkees
compilation tribute CD
October 2000
song: Don't Call on Me
Planting Seeds Records, USA
Shining Sun
June 2001
song: Gingerbread
free with Sofa 2 magazine, China (Hong Kong)
Christmas Underground
December 2001
song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Planting Seeds Records, USA
Working Titles
compilation CD
May 2003
song: Day After Day
Factory Girl Records, Philippines
Ten; Ten
compilation CD
September 2003
song: Forget That Girl
Lil' Red Wagon/My Mean Magpie Records, Canada
An independent film by Chris Chan Lee
soundtrack song: Here Comes Mary Moon
Wiener Walzer
An indie video document by Michael Bayr (Austria) focusing
on skateboard & in-line skating scenes in Europe and USA.
soundtrack song: Yesteryear
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