"all about the infinite variations of jangly pop (with bossa nova tendencies)...reminiscent of timeless, magical autumn afternoons.... You will play this disc over and over again and love it like family." full review
"Jumprope sound like a European band, or rather an English pop band with melodiously jangly guitars (think Sarah Records)...I caught myself checking the liner notes a few times for Burt Bacharach's or Phil Spector's names...Did I gush enough last time I heard Jumprope, hmm? Well cover up, here's more. Jumprope sound confident...well aware and unafraid to make pop. When I mention Burt Bacharach I definitely hear something there...I can almost hear the soft, staccato'd horns in the background. Delicious. *****" (highest rating) full reviews
"two parts Cardigans, one part Velocity Girl, and a dash of bossa nova ... popalicious ... delectable."
"Jumprope are true originals. Rarely have I heard pop music combine so effortlessly elements of jazz, bossa nova, Latin, and pop... There is not a single track on this CD that I wouldn't highly recommend... The vocal harmonies are a feast... 'Suitcase and Umbrella' is nothing less than a fun, infectious record... Jumprope is a band whose time has come." -- 04/2001.
"Jumprope have that rare way of sounding like their name. The music skips along at a consistently wonderful pace, occasionally stopping to hit the ground before the next terrific moonbound leap...singer Cindy's vocals cutting a swath of beauty out of the lonely sky."
"pure pop heaven... Cindy's rich voice... fluid bass playing... clever guitar playing... Noelle's beautiful Sandie Shawesque voice... the whole project is a goddess-send, and I could use a lot more."
"though it occasionally rocks out, there's decorum and control to the material... the surface sunniness of its art hides the fact that many of the lyrics are melancholy... it's a charming CD." full article
" entirely different paradigm...delicious pop...they're fun!"
"Sometimes all the kids want to do is pop. There's some Galaxie 500 in Jumprope, some Pastels, and plenty of weird chords that lend a ragged quirkiness to the Boston quartet's sound." full article
"Sweet '60s soft-pop in the vein of Ivy and Swan Dive... Cindy (the main singer) and Ad are both fine singers ... they sound swell together. On songs such as "Where to Go" and "The Glamour Scene", the band finds a connection between '80s college rock jangle pop and their regular Swingin' London vibe." full article -- 10/2001
"Love at first hear! That's a sixties, dreamy, British modster goes jazzy flower child kind of love...a welcome addition to the latest vogue of modsters and vespers."
What beautiful pop songs we have here. Mixing equal parts 60's pop, jazz, and bossa nova... The closest comparison I can make is the Cardigans, but better. Instead of just repeating the 60's pop formula... songs that sound fresh and original. They don't dwell on their songs very long, instead subscribing to the 2 minute pop formula. This helps the CD bounce along at a very nice and steady pace. A very nice and uplifting effort by Jumprope, that is highly recommended. (November 21, 1998)
...with more than a hint of jazz and a nice female/male vocal mix, Jumprope keeps the music fresh...The delightfully simple reverb and horn combo on "Miss Mulaney" and the bass-heavy "Treat Me" are the kind of tunes strong enough to get Jumprope off the college circuit and into the big leagues. (December 1998)
"I often think of Astrud Gilberto when I listen to Jumprope...could have fallen into our time from 1963 through a cosmic wormhole...a chip off the same romantic block...feel that small magical moment." full article
"There haven't been a lot of pop albums this good recently... Jumprope combines the bright guitar sound of tweepop...with a definite bossa nova flavor. Like much great indiepop, Jumprope combines their major keys with minor key emotions to form an irresistible package."
"absolutely fantabulous...fresh, unabashed, orchestrated pop. With songs keeping to 2-3 minutes, they knock to the pop punch."
"...a sweet, pop sound."
"modern guitar rock full of hooks and harmonies..."
"Infectious boy/girl pop rock with hooks and guitars and songs you can actually like listening to. "Swimming With Nancy" is my favorite ... I hope to hear more." full article
"Pop kids of the world unite! Jumprope are a new four-piece band from Boston that exemplifies the brave new pop... Forget the submetal caterwauling of grunge rock and the contrived machinations of alternative. Jumprope play a heady mix of sweet pop and jazz." full interview
"...a delightful pick-me-up. The music is a delicious combination of bossa nova, 60's garage and lounge." Full article.
"Imagine bright funny flowers popping up all around you and sunshine, lollipops, and pink lemonade for everyone!"
"I'm liking it - can't wait for more!"
"...a power-packed pop punch. This is the type of release which you want to hear on your local Top 40 station yet you never seem to hear."
"...hooks galore (I dare you to listen to the opener "Miss Mullaney" and not tap your foot or smile)...If you're a pop fan, you'll want this in your collection."
"The real gems on I Made It Out of Clay are the surprising Hanukkah pop anthems, beautifully crafted tunes that transcend the season. Jumprope's skilled, steamy bossa nova and Portland band Mesopotamia's pleasing study in heartwarming harmonies and arrangement on "Dreydel Dog" are worth the $12 alone."
Big Orange Crayon "This E.P. is a bit different from the No Happy Songs E.P... more brooding and sad. On this one, the lyrics are more biting and the music matches that mood for most of the songs, especially "That's the Way It Is" and "Promise Me", which both have some great cynical lines like "Its the way they give you candy / when it's pure insectide" and "Maybe you should promise me you'll cheat / and promise to tell me lies / that way I won't be disappointed when I look into your eyes." Absolutely bitter. I love it!"
"...Pastel-Pop... You can't help but feel good listening to them."
"I can't help thinking of yellow brick roads, the tinman, and the good witch from the north when Jumprope's Bookshelf Adventures is on my stereo...the difference is that...Jumprope are real and therefore won't let you down...classy, melodic pop anthems...a perfect soundtrack for nostalgia-laden mind-drifting on a sunny Sunday afternoon." (Issue Version 1.5)
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